EURUSD, continued market consolidation

Daily chart : The pair is gaining trend turnover from ADX, but still below the middle strip of the Bollinger (1.1312). For reversal, it is necessary to fix the above this mark. H4: We note the presence of a breakdown of the local Bollinger envelope, which is a possible signal to continue the decline. Sales area – 1.1312-1.1323, Support – 1.1251-1.1266. H1: On the clock graph, the resistance area is also allocated 1.1301-1.1312 (the upper strip of the Bollinger). In this way, The price is likely to roll back to support 1.1266, 1.1251, 1.1231. Conclusions: Height in Zone 1.1301-1.1312, then rollback down in the direction 1.1231-1.1251. Trademarks: 1. Sales from the zone 1.1301-1.1312 to 1.1231-1.1251. 2. Purchases from the zone 1.1231-1.1251. .