Euro can compensate for the losses

Events, which should be paid attention to today:

is not expected to be important macroeconomic statistics.


, the first five days of 2023, the euro completed on a minor note and this week the European currency has good chances to compensate for the lost position. Today and tomorrow, a strong strengthening of the euro should not be expected, since the key event of the week will be the release of inflation in the United States, which is scheduled for Thursday January 12. Since in the States the fourth month in a row, the growth rate of wages is reduced, and the dynamics of the money supply even demonstrates the cool peak, on Thursday we will see a decrease in inflation, which will make investors talk even more about the end of the cycle of increasing the percentage of the Fed, which in turn is negative for the dollar, because it is aggressive In 2022, the growth of Federal Reserve bets provided an American currency with a powerful growth. In my opinion, the market will now begin to gradually recoup this event and at the end of the week the weakening of the dollar will accelerate.

Trade recommendation: Buy 1.0660/1.0630 and Take Profit 1.0714.