EUR / USD. There is a time of high activity.

Week began calmly without unnecessary fuss and coming. The price continued to bargain in a narrow range with a small shift in the descending direction, which led to a minor decrease. In addition, a very close level of support, which means no response will occur soon. Based on the proposed wave scenario, it is assumed to be a sharp activation of sellers, which will lead to a rapid price reduction within the framework of the formation of the wave [5] of (c) of y. Thus, sales retain Priority for shopping. Investment idea: SELL 1.1275, STOP LOSS 1.1300, Take Profit 1.1150. We will not torment you and just tell me that we have a trading strategy specially created for trading in December. For five years, it shows a yield of 48% – what you need before the holidays! The current situation in the markets shows that it is time to get involved in an active trading race. Take a special December strategy in three steps: 1. Top up a trading account in the amount of $ 100 or more until December 30. These funds Stay on your account and fully at your disposal for trade. Send to mail [Email Protected] account number you have replenished. 3. Ready! You will receive a strategy in the PDF file format by mail immediately after consideration of the application.