Britain does not want to enter locked

Events that should be paid to today:

18.30 MSK. USA: Data on crude oil reserves from the Ministry of Energy.


British authorities do not want to enter a nationwide locked, consider a new strain of the coronavirus “Oomikron” less dangerous than was originally assumed. Despite the large weekly indicator of new cases of infection with this strain, the number of hospitalizations is 50% lower than with the “Delta” option. In addition, infected “Omicron” -SMM 40% are less likely to intensive care, which allows the authorities to keep the expectant position and not rush to restrictions. For pound, this is a positive factor in the short term. Additional support for British currency will be an oil market, since the assets correlate well among themselves. Investors continue to actively buy black gold, since the reserves of hydrocarbons in the world’s largest economies are now on five-year minima.

Trading Recommendation: Buy 1.3415 / 1.3390 and Take Profit 1.3471. .