Beginner Trader


Should I trade binary options?


One of the first and most important problems faced by binary options traders is the lack of significant financial resources.

Therefore, the question of choosing a platform where you can start trading with minimal investment – is becoming the most important.

How to solve the problem of start-up capital?

The smallest amount you can start working with binary options is 25 USD.


The right steps to bankruptcy


Forex trading is often presented to the average person as a kind of investment miracle – a way of quick enrichment. And in an example, of course, there are loud names, such as Warren Buffett or George Soros, who earned their fortune through trading on the currency market. But how many of the beginners are successful?


Self-Defense Lessons: Forex Fraud


How to protect yourself from Forex fraud? This question is relevant both for beginners and experienced traders. Fraud has thrived in stock and currency markets since their inception. And most of the fraud schemes are as old as the world and are based on the excessive trustfulness of the traders themselves.


Forex mythology: official website


How often an Internet search leads us to a different result than we expect. Take, for example, a common myth that there is an official website Forex. According to the statistics of search engines, this topic is quite popular. And the “forex official site” request is being searched for by almost 10,000 users per month.


Why keep a trade journal?


Nowadays, when almost every broker provides a detailed history of your trades, keeping a trading journal may seem pointless. The Broker is able to provide full information on each trade, including information on the balance, use of margin, profit and loss. Nevertheless, there are certain benefits of maintaining a trade journal, which we will talk about in this article.