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How do I buy Gazprom shares from home?


How do I buy Gazprom shares from home?

The shares of energy companies are in constant demand on Russian and world stock exchanges. The largest of these companies is Gazprom. It is the monopolist of the Russian natural gas market and the largest supplier of natural gas to the European market.

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FOREX for VIP clients


In the field of financial services, whether it is banking, investment or trading on stock exchanges and Forex, we are particularly attentive to those clients who operate with large amounts of money. There was a corresponding concept – the VIP-client, from English “Very Important Person”, that is a very important person.

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What is diversification of investments


What is diversification of investments

Diversification is a risk management strategy that combines a wide range of investments in a portfolio. The point of this method is that a portfolio consisting of different types of assets will, on average, yield higher long-term returns and reduce the risk of each individual investment or security.


Forex trading for VIP clients


Anyone with a basic knowledge of the financial sector has at least once in his or her life wondered whether he or she would invest his or her personal savings in order to multiply them, or at least protect them from devaluation as a result of inflation, which has a strong place in the Russian economy.