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What gives you a complaint about the broker?


The situation in which a client or a consumer of goods and services is dissatisfied with the work of the organization providing certain services (selling goods) is not uncommon in any markets – from global economic to local commodity markets. There are also controversial situations in the field of over-the-counter foreign exchange trading, which is most often directly related to operating in the Forex market – one of the main international trading floors

What could be the cause of controversy?


Brokerage company bankruptcy: causes and consequences


The bankruptcy of brokerage companies often becomes a real financial meltdown for their clients. It would seem that yesterday you were the owner of a solid amount of assets and felt almost Warren Buffett. And today you’re hurting the threshold of a brokerage firm in the hope of getting at least some of your money back.


“Kitchens” of the Forex market


Choosing a reliable dealing center has always been a priority for each trader. After all, if a company can be trusted with its money, the process of cooperation will be calm and serene. Otherwise, the financier risks getting hit in the back and losing the deposit.

“Kitchens are dealing centers that work against a trader.


Why don’t Forex brokers like scalpers?


Trading strategy of scalping is one of the most popular among Forex traders. It allows you to use 100% of the fast earning opportunities that the margin arm provides

During the trading strategy scalping speculator opens a large number of deals, the duration of which is only a few minutes, if not seconds.


Subtleties of brokerage services promotion in social networks


How to promote brokerage services in social networks?

Social networks have long been transformed from local communities for the “chosen” into an open media space with virtually unlimited possibilities. Here, they make useful contacts, find investors and partners, and promote goods and services. And it is not surprising that the work on the Forex market also finds echoes in the space of social networks.