A favorable week for

, Forecast for the week 4 – October 8: ,,,,,,,, for the stock market. JP Morgan, an American bank, analyzed the dynamics of the change in the American stock market over the past hundred years and came to the conclusion that the fourth and first quarters show the best returns, and the third quarter. Now we have started the fourth quarter, and I expect this trend to continue this time, as the Fed will actively stimulate the economy in the coming months. Trade recommendation: Buy 4317/4271 and take profit 4483. Black gold is now trading near a three-year high and in the new five-day period I expect the uptrend to continue for two reasons. Firstly, OPEC will hold the next summit, where it will confirm its intention to gradually increase oil production quotas by 0.4 million b/s. such an increase is clearly not enough to reduce the structural supply deficit that was formed this year. Secondly, the US Federal Reserve in October will maintain its incentives at the same amount of $120 billion per month, which is favorable for “risky assets, “which include oil. Federal Reserve plans to complete its quantitative easing program only in the middle of next year, and against this background, we can expect an uptrend in the hydrocarbon market to continue in the coming months. Trade recommendation: Buy 77.47/75.70 and take profit 80.00. on the growth of stock prices, since there is always a direct strong correlation between the capitalization of the bank and its profitability. On Thursday, October 7, the bank will publish financial results for September according to RAS standards, which could become an additional “driver” for the growth of quotes. The first deputy chairman of the board of the bank Lev Khasis announced the possibility of holding an IPO “Samokat” and Delivery Club in 2022-2023. Both companies are IT projects that can be evaluated by the market for high multipliers, which is also positive for capitalization of the bank. Trade recommendation: Buy 336.00/332.70 and take profit 349.10.