31.12.2020 10:45 Forex Analytical Reviews: Trading Plan 31.12 EURUSD. Happy new year!

Forex Traders Reviews Trading Plan

31.12.2010:45 Forex Analytical Reviews: Trading Plan 31.12 EURUSD. Happy New Year!

Relevance to 08:00 UTC’00Covid19 in the world: Again: Again: Rise. 719 cases. Again, the increase in the US is 234 K, in the UK it is 50 K.In Russia, a slight increase of 27 K.But humanity has an important weapon: vaccines.Active vaccinations in the US and UK. Vaccination already in Europe across the EU.In Russia vaccinations are very slow – while only 100,000 are vaccinated. But by February, a powerful vaccine plant near Moscow is expected to be operational.In Israel has already vaccinated almost 800,000 people (!)According to my idea, the effect of vaccination should begin to affect the statistics as early as mid-January. EURUSD: Maintain growth.Keep purchases from 1.2190 and below.Off from 1.2180. This market analysis is informative and is not a transaction guide.Estimate, Analyst: Michail Makarov GK InstaForex © 2007-2020