25.03.2021 19:41 Forex Analytical Reviews: Analysts and Trading Signals for Beginners. How do I trade the EUR/USD currency pair on March 26th? Analysis of Thursday\’s transactions. Preparations for Friday\’s tender.

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25.03.202119:41 Forex Analysis: Analytics and Trading Signals for Beginners. Analysis of Thursday’s transactions.

Up-to-date until 18:00 2021-03-26 UTC/1Thursday trade:30M EUR/USD pair chart.EUR/USD currency pair on Thursday, March 25, again moved very clearly and almost all day only in one direction. The U.S. currency continues to rise against its European competitors and has already moved closer to 1.1746, an extreme level that the price has previously rebounded from. And if I’ve bounced back, I can do it now. On the 30-minute chart, two signals were created for today. Both with the MACD indicator, which was expanding downwards. Only signals for sale should be taken into account, as there is a downward trend at the moment, which clearly indicates a downward trend. After creating the first signal, the downward movement did not last long. Just 13 points down. After that began the revolution of the same weak upward movement and on the reversal of the MACD indicator upwards could come out of the transaction. The profits would be zero as the transaction would be closed at roughly the same level as the one opened. The second signal from the MACD was stronger. After its creation, the euro/dollar pair fell by 40 points, and Take Profit recommends novice investors to bet 30-40 points from the opening point of the trade.5M eur/USD.Take a 5-minute deadline to learn more about what happened today in the euro/dollar currency market. The night trade was surprisingly active, but with the opening of the European session, the bears tried to take the initiative into their own hands. Here for a long time they resisted the level of 1.1804. Take a closer look at the illustration: from this level the price rebounded in night trading and did the same in the European trading session. Thus, from this level you could even try to buy a pair, like two rebounds – this is serious, but the upward movement did not last long, so the transaction can be closed to zero on the opposite approach to the level 1.1804. The number “1” in the illustration marks the beginning of a speech by ECB Chief Christine Lagarde. Budding investors clearly see that after Lagarde’s speech, market sentiment has hardly changed and the movement has not intensified. It was after the start of her speech that the couple passed the proverbial 13 points, after which they resumed the decline. This time, the attempt to break the level of 1.1804 was more successful. Just off the border crossing in America, reports were published on fourth-quarter GDP and applications for unemployment benefits (number “2”). The GDP ratio was revised up for the better and showed growth of 4.3% yoy in the fourth quarter, and the unemployment benefit claim rate was better than experts’ forecasts, so after these two reports the downward movement should strengthen. It intensified only later and was not related to macroeconomic statistics from the United States. In any case, the quotes first returned to the level of 1.1804, and then again stood below it and only the latter signal was not false. After a fairly strong downward movement began, thanks to which investors were able to cover all losses on previous signals.How to trade on Friday:On Friday we recommend trading on a 30-minute sell-off date as the downward trend continues. The MACD should have time to be discharged to zero, and only then look for opportunities to open new short positions. The level of 1.1746 will also be valid. Rebounding from it or beating it will also allow novice traders to open the right trade. Take Profit, as before, at a distance of 30-40 points. The 5-minute deadline can be set to 1.1791. If you bounce back from the bottom, you can open new short positions.What’s in the charts:Price support and resistance levels – levels that are targets when opening purchases or sales. Take Profit levels can be placed near them.Red lines are channels or trendlines that reflect the current trend and show which way to trade better now.MACD indicator (14,22,3) is a histogram and signal line whose intersection is the market entry signal. It is recommended to use in combination with trend structures (channels, trendlines).Important speeches and reports (always included in the news calendar) can have a very strong impact on the movement of the currency pair. Therefore, when releasing them, it is recommended to trade as accurately as possible or leave the market to avoid a sharp reversal of the price compared to the previous move.Beginners to forex trading please note that any trade cannot be profitable. The development of a clear strategy and money management are the key to success in trading for a long period of time. This market analysis is informative and is not a transaction guide.Respectful,Analyst: RUS’R РЁСЅР”R’R”RYR” СՈРЅСՈРєРёРNoГК InstaForex © 2007-2021