17.09.2021 16:11 Long-term trend of the ruble: a game of decline or growth?

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17.09.202116: 11,170110 Long-term Trend of Rubble: a game for a decrease or growth?

Top up an account Remove tools open a trading account Open demo account Russian currency, which is now experiencing a significant rise, in the long-term planning horizon can fall. At the moment, the situation is consistent for RUB when it is between a potential lift and a decline. next month “Russian” may be between two lights. On the one hand, the ruble will try to maintain the trend for strengthening, and on the other, it is able to slide to the failed indicators of April. The dynamics of the ruble in the long term are influenced by factors such as inflation and the further monetary strategy of the Bank of Russia, the volume of investments of non-residents in OFZs, fluctuations in prices for Russian gas and oil in the world market. At the same time, the Central Bank’s struggle with inflation may strengthen the RUB, while the dynamics of the global energy market and the signals of the US regulator about curtailment incentives capable of weakening the national currency. Currently, the ruble is fixed in the range of 72.20-72.60 rubles. for 1 US dollar. On Friday, September 17, USD/RUB traded at $72.38. The absence of local threats and an increase in export sales were significantly supported by the “Russian.” In the next two weeks, experts are counting on maintaining the positive dynamics of the ruble. According to analysts, voting in the Russian Federation, which starts today, is unlikely to particularly affect the dynamics of RUB. Investors carefully assess possible risks and do not find important reasons for fundamental changes. At the moment, experts do not observe new drivers in favor of reducing or growing the ruble. According to preliminary calculations, by the end of September the dollar will be in a wide range of $73- $75. It is possible that with these values ​ ​ the Russian currency will begin October if another clouds do not appear on the geopolitical skyscraper. Return to the list of articles

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