07.01.2021 11:21 Forex analysis: GBP/USD analysis. January 7. Donald Trump faces second impeachment trial for what happened on Capitol Hill

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07.01.202111:21 Forex Analysis: GBP/USD Analysis. January 7, Donald Trump will undergo a second impeachment attempt for what happened in the Capitol building

, and a five-wave, fully staffed. However, wave markings can become more complicated as much as you want. The increase in tool quotes continues, so the expected wave of 5 to 5 can also take on a five-wave appearance. If this assumption is correct, the increase in quotations will continue with the targets located up to 40 numbers. On the younger chart, the wave marking has also changed somewhat. The estimated wave 5 has already had a longer view, and if the current wave designation is correct, a 3-by-5 wave is currently being built. A failed attempt to break the 127.2% level on Fibonacci indicates the possible construction of an internal correction wave, but the entire wave pattern has not yet taken the full picture. Thus, I look forward to a successful attempt to break the 37 data and continue to raise the pound/dollar instrument. Attention markets are still attracted to the US. In the EUR/USD article, I talked about what happened that night in Washington. Donald Trump organized riots outside the Capitol in an attempt to stop the presidential election in which at least four people were killed. A little later, the US Congress resumed work and continued to approve the results of the vote in Georgia, as well as the results of the presidential elections. In this way, Donald Trump, who has previously tried to influence the election results through Republican governors, through the courts and through his deputy Mike Pence, suffered another defeat. What’s more, Congressman Ilhan Omar wrote on Twitter that now Donald Trump will undergo an impeachment procedure, which for the current head of the country will be the second. “He should be removed from the leadership of the country. We cannot allow him to remain in office because it is about preserving our republic,” Ilhan Omar wrote. Democrats also called on Vice President Mike Pence to change the Constitution and remove Donald Trump from office. So the last two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency promise to be very rich and interesting. Yesterday there were some interesting events economic plan during the day. The economic activity indices in the SERVICES of the United States and the United Kingdom did not particularly impress the markets, and the Governor of the Bank of England spoke in his speech about an agreement with the European Union, not about monetary policy and the economy. Today, America will release an important economic activity index for non-ISM production as well as data on the number of applications for unemployment benefits. But all the attention seems to be focused on Trump, Congress and the United States. General conclusions and recommendations: Pound-Dollar Tool resumed building an upward trend. Thus, I currently recommend purchasing a pound/dollar tool after successfully attempting to break 37 data from targets located around 40 data, in an estimated 3 in 5 waves of upward trend. You can also buy a Brit on new MACD signals “up”. However, it should be understood that part of the upward trend cannot be extended indefinitely. And the closer it gets to its end, the more dangerous it is to buy sterling. This market analysis is informative and is not a transaction guide. Respectful,Analyst: Alexander DniproskygK InstaForex © 2007-2021